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For Over 25 years, Dr. Lanre Phillips has helped motivated individuals and organisations achieve breakthrough results. Through customized coaching, workshops and training programs, he provides the tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and sharpen your leadership edge. Let Dr Phillips' battle-tested expertise inspire your journey of self improvement, team building and sustainable success. It's time to gain the perspective of a true mentor.

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Key expertise

1. Strategic leadership & Change Management

Dr. Lanre Phillips is a trailblazer in guiding organizations with visionary leadership, leveraging strategic insights to navigate challenges and propel growth.

2. Operational Excellence

Committed to excellence, Dr. Phillips implements sound strategies for favorable financial outcomes and operational efficiency, driving organizational success.

3. Social Impact and Innovation

A champion of societal progress, Dr. Phillips collaborates with NGOs, startup hubs, and accelerators, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for meaningful social impact.


Develop a bespoke strategic growth plan tailored to your organization's vision and objectives.

Dr. Phillips will conduct a thorough assessment and work with your leadership team to define priorities, KPIs and an executable roadmap for exponential advancement.


Leverage Dr. Phillips' expertise through customized advisory engagements.

From productivity workshops to culture change implementations, his consultancy services empower sustainable evolution at both strategic and operational levels.


Attend Dr. Phillips' renowned public and in-house training programs focused on leadership mastery, strategic foresight and growth hacking.

Modules include Strategy Alignment in a VUCA World, Visionary Leadership in a Post-Pandemic Era and High Impact Communication Mastery.

Notable Achievements

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116 Events


33 Projects


27 Businesses


7 Awards

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